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Our shop cost us 99 euros/month to remain open(with server, bank system, company accounts.) to give advices, and usefull informations and quality services about Unicycle in France, Europe and around the World. Without any help our shop will soon be closed! If there is a moment to sustain us, it's really now. Each contribution, big or small, renforce our capactity to deliver information, and help to anyone from beginner to advance about unicycling disciplins and sport in general. And reforce our future! Even with 1€, you could sustain - It only take 1 minute. If you can, sustain the Website with a mensual gift. Thank you.

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Wille zum Lernen? Einradkurse finden jedes Jahr am 1. Juliwochenende über 1 Tag zu 79 € oder 3 Tage zu 179 € (Ort oder Unterkunft inbegriffen) in der Nähe von Paris statt, und das Einrad-Mentor-Programm(Unicycle Mentor) findet das ganze Jahr über per Remote-Video ab 99 € pro Schule statt Jahr jeden Samstagnachmittag um 18 Uhr auf Zoom.

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Warnung! Unser Shop ist jetzt geschlossen!

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